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Being huge advocates of the Internet Computer Protocol - Great care went into the design of the CoinNation "Builder" Jersey. There is a bold presence of the ICP / Dfinity Infinity logo in chest of the Jersey along the the ICP acronym to help spread awareness. The idea is to trigger the questions "What is ICP ?" when buyers are out and about wearing the Jersey. On the left sleeve is the ICP/Dfinity logo with a smaller footprint and the foundation's name in all capital letters underneath. On the right sleeve is the transparent CoinNation logo bordered by the same rainbow colors as the ICP/Dfinity logo. On the rear of the Jersey is the title "Builder" representing the heart and soul of what ICP is all about: building any and everything on chain. The number "03" represents the fact that ICP is the only 3rd generation blockchain, mentioned directly below the Jersey number in all capitals. Finally, the right shoulder contains the hashtag #FULLYONCHAIN to further help evangelize what makes ICP standout. Get your CoinNation "ICP Builder's Jersey" Today !!!

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